5 Staggering Competitive Intelligence Tools in 2020|SocialPeta

Check the list of the best competitive intelligence tools you should be using that mentioned by this blog. Through the 5 staggering competitive intelligence tools, you can get the advantages over your competitors, and never waste a penny anymore.

1. Brandwatch

Best For

SMBs, Large enterprises


Brandwatch is a platform for social media monitoring, allowing you to analyze and utilize conversations from across the social web. I think its core function lies in brand public opinion monitoring.

Taking YouTube as an example, we can check the performance of our brand or content on YouTube through Brandwatch. We can search for related brand words or other keywords to see what users say about us, and Brandwatch will quickly build a dashboard to visualize these data. Not only can we see topics related to our brand, but we can also see where we are mentioned and the emotional ways we are mentioned.

This allows us to understand the user’s true view of the brand and these videos, to help us determine future content strategies and improve video products.

Of course, the platforms that we can monitor through Brandwatch go far beyond YouTube. It covers almost all mainstream social platforms. Not only that, but we can also compare with competitors, and discover deeper consumer insights that can inform corporate competitive strategy.

Something for improvement

The function is not perfect yet, some users encountered some problems in the query, and the data collection was suddenly suspended during the query, which caused the user to repeat these operations and had to change the data source on the dashboard; some users think it is very inconvenient to think that the dashboard cannot be automatically saved. Although Brandwatch is more data-rich than other platforms, it does require real-time investment to obtain deeper results.

2. SocialPeta

Best For

Designers of large and medium-sized enterprises, Marketer, Advertiser


SocialPeta is one of the best competitive intelligence tools, which provides massive advertising material intelligence, covering global mainstream channels. Its core functions are Ad Intelligence, APP Intelligence, ecom intelligence, ad cost intelligence, audience intelligence, etc. Its functions cover almost all the core needs of users for advertising tools.

And what impressed me most about SocialPeta is the data. The accuracy of its data is high, and the amount of data is extremely considerable. What can be seen so far is that it provides at least 10 million + total ads. This means that I can search for almost any ads I want through SocialPeta. Not only that, the search methods and search conditions are also very close to the needs of users. We can filter by category, network, ad types, country, language, etc., and even select creatives according to ad format.

For me, I am more concerned about the data provided in the ad Intelligence section: creative design, copywriting, impression, delivery time, creative type, popularity, etc. By studying competitors’ advertising intelligence, we can clearly understand the competitor’s advertising strategy.

Competitive intelligence is the most important part of marketing work, just like when we are driving, we need to see the road ahead and pay attention to the traffic. In marketing, we must first understand the current market situation and understand the marketing strategies of competitors. Finally, based on this information, we can formulate our own ad strategy. Without competitive intelligence tools like SocialPeta, everything will become futile and meaningless.

3. AdLibrary Helper

Best For

Facebook advertiser, Advertising agency


AdLibrary Helper is a free Facebook ad spy tool. Its data comes from Facebook’s official ad library. It can provide you an advertising list, which is more convenient and practical than the Facebook ad library. At the same time, it can spy Facebook competitors’ ads data changes, so as to better perform advertising analytics.

Most of us will use Facebook’s official tool – Facebook Ad Library to query competitors’ ads. However, to be honest, this tool is not so convenient to use, but based on the richness and credibility of its data, we have to endure these defects to use it.

But with AdLibrary Helper, it is different. First of all, the data of AdLibrary Helper comes from Facebook, and the credibility and richness of its data are guaranteed. The second most important thing is that it optimizes many function points, which can be more convenient for us to use.

For example, after searching for a keyword, Facebook Ad Library can only display a limited part of related pages, while AdLibrary Helper displays more content.

When we exit after entering a specific page in the Facebook Ad Library, we must return directly to the original search page. If we want to view other pages and advertisements for this keyword, we must search again. This is too complex. But AdLibrary Helper is much more convenient. After searching for a certain keyword, you can view its page or directly view related ads, and exit the previous page to continue browsing other related pages without having to search again.

What is most satisfying to me is that we can save the page we concerned about, and the platform will track the data changes of ads on that page. This is really great.

There are many optimization points like this. Although AdLibrary Helper exists based on Facebook Ad Library, it is more practical.

What needs to be improved

 the loading speed can be increased

4. Pathmatics

Best For

Digital advertising agencies, Brands, and Publishers


Pathmatics provides a marketing intelligence platform that helps the world’s top agencies, brands, and publishers answer their digital advertising questions across Facebook, YouTube, display, native, mobile, video, and Twitter.

By using Pathmatics, you can quickly and easily access creatives, spend, and impression data to track your competitors across social, display, mobile, video, and native.

It is loved by everyone because its data visualization function is relatively good, and the dashboard is beautiful, practical, and clear. It can help us view competitors’ creatives, and it can show the impression count and cost of some creatives. Through it, we can understand competitors’ advertising strategies.

Something for improvement

Pathmatics covers limited channels, limited to Facebook and Twitter. Its ad creative classification and filtering functions are very limited, and in many cases, it does not meet the actual needs of users. The most worrying point is the accuracy of its data.

5. APPGrowing

Best For

Advertiser, Ad Agency, Ad Medium


APPGrowing is a mobile advertising intelligence analysis platform. It contains 34980963 ad records, 29952 app records, covering 18 regions. App Growing Global achieves functions like searching for advertising creatives, analyzing the industrial competition, and monitoring advertisement exposure by monitoring the mobile advertisement activity data throughout the main media networks

APPGrowing has many functions, in addition to being able to analyze the creative material, it can also analyze app-related data. Compared with other similar products, I think its media intelligence function is more distinctive. It can analyze the influence of local media and help users make decisions.

What needs to be improved

The number of countries is not enough.