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What SocialPeta can do for you

Massive database and powerful search features with 73 ad networks.
Intelligence with Ads, Market, Cost, App, Audience, eCom & Brand.
Help you develop your business in all marketing decisions.

Ads Inspiration

Big Data with advertising from global & local networks

Ads Intelligence

Campaigns, Ad cost, Audiences...

eCom Intelligence

AliExpress, Shopify and Amazon products analysis

APP Intelligence

App & Keywords Intelligence

Ads Inspiration

Discover top creatives. Optimize your user acquisition strategy. 

Display Ads

Playable Ads

Featured Search & Filters

Audience Insights & Campaign Analysis

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Advertising Strategy

Insight to advertising strategy and market dynamics

More than 5 million global advertiser data, material, text, network and other multi-dimensional analysis, grasp market dynamics.

Follow popular advertising strategies to drive business growth and maximize revenue.

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AliExpress and Amazon Products Analysis

Is it hard to find winning products and increase profit? 

AliExpress Products Analysis
Covers 800W+ AliExpress products, which can be filtered by growth, top brand, top shopify, etc.; multi-analysis features can help you find hidden diamond.

Shopify Products Analysis
Recommend Shopify's popular products 2K+ daily; provide a powerful filters; price analysis, Wishlist trends and intelligent analysis and spy competitive stores can help you find competitors' information at once.

Amazon Products Analysis
Covers 12M+ of all Amazon products and 8M+ updated daily. 19 powerful filters and multi-features such as price trend, category ranking trend, reviews growth, and abnormal ordering drive your bussiness to a new level!


Features And Strengths

Over the 4 years, SocialPeta enjoys high reputation and never stops developing and updating our product to create the most powerful Advertising Intelligence Tool  with smooth user experience. We'll continuously launch new features to deliver more value to our users.

Ad Creatives

The world's largest ads library, everyone can find what they need.

Ads Intelligence

Detailed advertising intelligence analysis, daily data updates, and data trend covering more than one year.

App Intelligence

Update App Store and Google Play Store listing daily, support 40+ countries, 20+ segmentation application types.

eCom Intelligence

Spy on winning products in AliExpress, Shopify and Amazon and high margin niches.

Brands Influence

Track Targeting Brand‘s influence and behavior in social media with analysis.

AdCost Intelligence

Analyze global advertising costs and trends, find market opportunities.

What People Say

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I am an advertising designer and now I open SocialPeta habitually every day when I work to see fresh ideas. The material in SocialPeta has given me a lot of inspiration !

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As a busy marketing head, SocialPeta updates data and intelligence information in real time, which solves many of my pain points and difficulties in advertising.

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I‘m running a store. SocialPeta's product selection tool provides detailed filters and hot product recommendations. SocialPeta solves the problem of my product hunt!


Thanks to the trust of many brands and customers around the world

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