Instagram is one of the fastest growing communities online today which has over 400M+ monthly active users. The Instagram community is truly global in scope with 75%+ of the community outside of the US. People spend 21 minutes per day on the app, on average.

As a potential solution for Brand Marketing, advertisers can market their business by 3 types of ads on Instagram.
1.Photo ads allow businesses to tell their story where people seek visual inspiration.
2.Video ads enable advertisers to inspire people through the use of sight, sound, and motion.
3.Carousel ads enable advertisers to inspire people with deeper storytelling through the use of multiple images. People who see carousel ads can swipe to the left of the initial image that appears in their feed, allowing them to view additional images. Advertisers can select from multiple call-to-action buttons that link out to additional information.

There’re different objectives advertisers want to take by using Instagram’s ads, like Mass Reach, Reach and Frequency,Brand Awareness,Clicks to Website,Website Conversions, Mobile App Installs and Mobile App Engagement. Depending on your objective, you can buy Instagram ads through API, Ads Manager, Power Editor, or Marquee.

Furthermore, the same targeting options that are found on Facebook are also available for Instagram advertisers. Targeting options include location, demographics, interests, actions, and more.

Keep in mind you don’t have to use all of the targeting options. The only targeting options that are required are country, age, and gender. Use the other targeting options if you want more control over the types of people who see your ads. You can also target your Instagram ads to a custom audience or lookalike audience.