I’m gonna show you today how simple and easy to run an ad on Facebook. This is literatelly the number one way that we grow our business, and this is the best way to build your brand, the best way to acquire users and best way to grow your business fast.

First you have to go to Power Editor and create a campaign, you’ll be asked to choose a campaign objective from the drop down list, let’s say we want to promote an app so we choose Mobile App Install.

In ad set level, you need to narrow down your audience from choosing location, age, gender, interests etc. Choose Mobile News Feed because you are promoting an mobile app. Next piece here is your bidding, what I would recommend is choosing auto bid and see what happens, if the cost goes too high, you can change the setting and manually bid for installs.

Last thing is your creative and it is crucial. When people swiping their phones, they may have less than a second to see your ads. You want your image to catch people’s eyes quickly and you want it to be friendly so you don’t get bad comments or get reported and banned. Being straightforward with your creative is going to help you deliver the message and get conversions.

I hope you enjoy Facebook Advertising.
Carousel Ads Tips
NUMBER 1: Make the first image work hard. The first image needs to have an idea and strong brand cues so that your audience will swipe all the way along.
THEME: The easiest way to achieve a theme can be as simple as connecting colours, subjects and locations. Random, disconnected images look disjointed. Keep a visual thread.
NARRATIVE : Tell a story through the four frames. Do you get zoom closer in to the details of your subject. Does something evolve over 4 images… make the images work together.
PANORAMA: Use the entire four frames to work as one image. This can give the impression of 180 degrees.


If you want to be the best, you have to master a lot of details and spend a lot of money to polish your skills, or you can just use our professional software which is tailored by the best team based multi-years experiences.