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SocialPeta is constantly expanding its channels and has released materials of 6 major channels today. Now, it has become the marketing big data analytics platform with the latest materials, the most comprehensive channels and the largest amounts of materials in the world.


The Main Body

On August 21, SocialPeta officially released materials of numerous channels, including Chinese channels like Sohu, international channels like Adcolony, Applovin and Chartboost, Japanese channels like Yahoo and Gunosy. Tons of fresh materials are converging on the platform. This is another major optimization of SocialPeta since the release of its completely revamped and upgraded version, SocialPeta3.0. This expansion of material channels has put SocialPeta in a position as the third-party marketing big data analytics platform with the latest materials, the most comprehensive channels and the largest amounts of materials in the world.


 1.International channels: effective emerging channels are not to be overlooked!

The two major platforms – Facebook and Google, account for 70% of the world’s total traffic excluding China’s. Major advertisers’ competition for traffic on these two platforms has been the fiercest. However, engaging users are getting more difficult and the cost is climbing. As a result, advertisers are beginning to scramble for emerging channels like Unity, Vungle, AppLovin, Adcolony and Chartboost.

These marketing channels have advantages like widely recognized credibility and influence, transparent billing rules, quality users, large traffic and short periods to build large volumes. There are no lack of new stars among them, who are innovative and have deeper understandings of ads and users.

The new forms introduced by these emerging channels like incentivized ads and playable ads, have gone beyond the boundaries of traditional ads. They can target users with greater precision and have optimized creatives. Target audiences are willing to watch such ads. Player retentions are improved and game companies have monetized their traffic.

According to statistics of Adcolony, video ads account for 31% of game developers’ revenue while incentivized video ads have shown the best results, registering higher eCPM compared with other ad forms like banners and static interstitials. This also serves as a proof of the aforementioned trend.

On August 21, for international materials, SocialPeta ceremoniously launched the three emerging channels – Applovin, Adcolony and Chartboost – with their incentivized video ads. Almost all the world’s important platforms of intelligent video ads have now been included on SocialPeta.

Quality Emerging Channels for Video Ad Placement Newly Included on Socialpeta

Ad creatives with more focused targets and greater learning values are just one click away:

Like Unityads/Vungle, Applovin, Adcolony and Chartboost are currently the major platforms of incentivized video ads. They are dedicated to using incentivized video ads to help products reach new users on mobile devices more efficiently.

2.Chinese companies’ overseas expansion: leading channels in Japan and South Korea should become a focus!

For local leading channels in Japan and South Korea, their ad creatives and marketing methods feature large percentages of original data and strong regional characteristics, for their users are highly concentrated. The creatives are also much localized.

This time, SocialPeta launched Yahoo and Gunosy, the mainstream mobile ad channels in Japan and South Korea. Previously, SocialPeta had already launched quite a few Japanese and South Korean channels, including Naver, Daum and Nate in South Korea, and Ameba and SmartNews in Japan.

3.Major players sharing domestic ad market: SocialPeta is gradually adding domestic channels!

According to statistics of SocialPeta, ad materials are playing more and more important roles in the performance of ad placement. In view of the complex domestic environment for ad placement, SocialPeta is always competing against time. While optimizing the search experience, it is also making great efforts to tackle technical issues and expand ad channels. This time, for domestic channels, SocialPeta added video materials from Sohu, thus forming a library of domestic marketing materials covering an extensive network of domestic platforms.



With its patience to build products, perseverance to overcome difficulties and its gradual growth over time, SocialPeta has become the third-party marketing big data analytics platform with the latest materials and the most comprehensive channels in China.

As the marketing big data analytics platform with the latest materials, the most comprehensive channels and the largest amounts of materials in the world, SocialPeta focuses on advertising and marketing big data analytics. It is always following the world’s latest marketing trend, trying to understand various latest market trends, constantly expanding material channels and deepen its analytics. Now it has helped established domestic and overseas companies like Baidu, Elex, Papaya, MeetSocial and Supercell gain deep marketing insights and optimize marketing strategies.


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