As the cost of digital advertising and CPI continues to rise, game developers have to explore new marketing tactics to promote their games and acquire users. Leveraging influencers and KOL has become an evolving trend. However, for most game developers, especially those who target oversea users, it’s hard to find the right influencers or KOL who match with their games given culture difference. Even after finding the right influencers, it’s hard to engage with them effectively so they can sustainably help your game promotion, as each influencer has a different audience and a different style. In many cases, game publishers just throw money into YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch influencers, without measuring the performance of influencer marketing.


One way to do influencer marketing is to outsource to third party influencer agencies, which help to save time and cost of sourcing influencers. While the biggest problem of outsourcing is, agencies will use the same set of processes to deal with all games. It’s hard for popular influencers to pay enough attention and customize their promotional effort for each game. Also, for different countries and regions, forms of cooperation are not the same. Influencer agencies in Asia usually are more good at influencer resource integration and have stronger impact in local markets, while in Europe and the United States influencers tend to be more independent and prefers direct collaboration with games companies.


A more reliable approach is for game publishers to reach out to and establish collaboration with influencers directly, as most appropriate influencers/KOL may not be in agency’s list. Also, agencies may not understand the game as well as publishers, therefore may not be able to select most suitable influencers. It is difficult to maximize the performance of influencer marketing.

Youtube Sketch Comedy Duo Smoth


Then, how can game developers or publishers find the most suitable influencers/KOL to work with?


First, game publishers should understand the demographic information of each influencer’s audience, as well as historical cases and performance of influencers. Based on that, game publishers can narrow down the list of influencers for collaboration.


Many influencers and KOLs have their own style and game category to work with. A common mistake is reaching out to influencers one by one based on their number of fans, and see who respond. A better approach is to know your game and your goal in each market, and also know influencer’s area to decide the match rate, and then come out with an appropriate list. An influencer with 10 million fans may not be able to achieve best promotional effect for a game. Instead some influencers with only 200K fans may bring much better performance if they fit with your game.


Investigate influencer’s fan base and past successful cases is time consuming. Leveraging influencer analysis tool can help game publishers to get these insights accurately and fast, therefore make the right decision quicker. SocialPeta is such an influencer marketing insights tool. You can clearly see which influencer has promoted what game and how the promotion performs. For example, Markiplier, is a popular Youtube influencer for horror games. From SocialPeta’s insights tool, you’ll see that almost 60% of his commercial video has horror theme. And his fans are mostly in United States and United Kingdom, therefore he is a perfect influencer for horror games in US and UK.

SocialPeta Screen Print 1: Past Cases of Influencer

SocialPeta Screen Print 2: Demographic Info of Influence’s Fans


With a narrowed list of influencers, the next important thing for game publishers is to ensure that their marketing content style is similar to influencer’s style. Don’t expect influencers to accommodate to the style of your game or marketing content, as influencers are known for their specific style and that’s why they became influencers. Some game companies do not fully understand the situation. They produce content for influencers (eg. a cartoon video) and require “no violence, insult and offensive content”. However, foul language and violence might be the style of the influencer. SocialPeta helps game publishers to understand influencer’s past cases and determine whether it’s a good content match in advance.

SocialPeta Screen Print 3: PewDiePie’s Horror Style


Measurement of performance of historical promotion is a key factor in sourcing the right influencers. Different from advertising, which is measured by CPI and number of installs, # download is only one of the measurement metrics for influencers. The key goal of influencer marketing is to engage with users. SocialPeta also shares engagement metrics of influencer’s each event, including interaction and conversion of an event.

SocialPeta Screen Print 4: Performance Analysis of Influencer’s Case


For example, Garena’s new MOBA game “Legend of Duel” has partnered with many showgirl influencers in Taiwan. These Showgirls have lots of male fans who are potential targets of the game. The Aries, for example, has about 140,000 fans on Facebook. She made two videos for the game and each brings around 265 downloads for “Legend of Duel”.

SocialPeta Screen Print 5: The Aries’s case study


Last but not least, game publishers should leave enough time for their influencers to play the game, so influencers fully experience and understand the game before promote it. Only in this way influencers can create most realistic, authentic, and attractive marketing content to attract more users.


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