The sixth Global Mobile Game conference GMGC2017,the most influential event in Asia-Pacific gaming industry, was held in Beijing from March 15 to March 17. A noticeable trend is that Go global has become an extremely hot topic and many Chinese gaming companies have started to go global and capture opportunities outside of China.

Although Chinese gaming market has reached 24 billion US dollars and has surpassed US to become the largest gaming one in the world, its growth has slowed down significantly. Meanwhile, resources are more concentrated than before on a few big players such as Tencent and NetEase, and it’s getting harder for most gaming companies to achievesatisfying profit margin in domestic Chinese market. Oversea markets, due to more channel transparency, less competition, and large amount of users, has become the bet for many gaming companies to seek new breakthrough.

According to 2016 Chinese Game Industry Report, Chinese gaming companies have produced large amount of online games for overseas markets and their oversea revenue is up 36.2%, reaching 7.23 billiondollars.

Since user acquisition cost is relatively high outside of China, finding the right audience and targeting those high ARPU (average value per user) users are crucial for the success of a game. It’s not easy to achieve that as the market dynamics, user taste, and culture are different. Duringthis hard journey, game publishers who move faster have accumulated lots of experiences, and here we share an example: Eternal Crusade.

Eternal Crusade, produced and distributed by 37 InteractiveEntertainment, is one of the best performing Chinese “go-global” games in 2016, with over 1 billion revenue.


According to SocialPeta, a big data ads spy platform with millions of ads creative and performance data, we notice that Eternal Crusade has leveraged Facebook ads extensively to achieve good performance. Many of their Facebok ads are videos demonstrating most intensive fighting scenes and main characters, which is not only eye-catching, but also tell good stories of the game and set the right expectation among potential users. Hence click through rate of these ads are very high.


  Besides social ads, Eternal Crusade also leverages influencer marketing. For example, we find from SocialPeta that several Taiwanese influencers(PinQ and Jielin) have published some posts about Eternal Crusade, which have generated 1973 and 3722 conversion each. Influencers are those popular people with many fans and high influence in certain countries. Many of their fans will download the game recommended by the influencer.


While live streaming becoming a popular trend in many Asian markets, Eternal Crusade also invite influencers to live stream how they play the game. The following live stream alone has generated 2191 downloads according to SocialPeta.

Go-global is a long journey which has just started. Serving users with a different background, culture, and taste is kinda hard. Our suggestion for Chinese gaming companies seeking oversea opportunities is:

Leverage as many data as possible to guide the decision of marketing strategy.
Learn from industry leaders and best practices to understand what performs best in each country.
Have a comprehensive marketing plan with multiple methodologies that back up each other. For example, advertising, influencer marketing, online and offline events among fans communities.