It’s a constantly changing era craving for creation. What a newly founded small company really need relying on to make itself deeply rooted and grow up in this era? Funds? Technology? Yes, they are important. But what we agree more is a free and open attitude; we believe that, in such an atmosphere, can trigger everyone’s inspiration, innovation come into being, full of vitality.

So, the question is, how can we get it?

First, of course, to make employees feel good, comfortable working environment is essential. Convenient transportation (100 meters from metro station), comfortable chairs, sofa and bed as well, air purifiers (how to live without it in Beijing’s fog and haze), as well as sports equipment, fruit, snacks, plants and so on. People-oriented, not just some words, we are doing it.
The second is even more important. We have simple relationships, adequate communication space; so that we can speak freely, communicate smoothly. We believe that if the exchange has no limits, so does the width and depth of thoughts, we are expecting the unexpected spark in the collision of minds, to make better products for users.

Look at those respectable companies in the Internet industry. Don’t they all have such an attitude? We are making efforts to that direction, especially in the beginning of our venture. On this road we travel with each other, not only to establish an enterprise, but also cherish this period of time when we are working together for the same goal. People always say it’s tough to start a new business, but they cannot understand how we get every little bit of growth in the bittersweet.

Well, back to our first place. We insist on free and open attitude, make simple and pure products. That’s it