Gun-fighting and war games have been a popular category for a long time. Here well analyze Peak Warships, the first TPS naval war game developed by Hero Entertainment.

Since day 1 of the release, Peak Warships has kept breaking record. According toofficial data from Hero Entertainment, Peak Warships achieve over one million DAU(Daily Average Users) after launch on Android, and PCU(Peak concurrent users) is over 300,000. Soon after its launch, on 20 May, Peak Warships is recommended by Apple App Store for one week. After that its recommended again by Apple on July 8, 2016, in the popular game field.

This phenomenon market performance derives from the excellent quality of the game, accurate market positioning, and experienced promotion. Here lets look at Peak Warshipss marketing strategies with data from SocialPeta, an ads spy platform.

1. Accurate Product Positioning.

SocialPeta finds that the market positioning of Peak Warships is accurate. First of all, it directly targets military fans as their core users, and commit to be a highly professional military mobile game. Because of its outstanding performance, it is awarded Excellent Military Game by China Military Culture Research Association. Since there are not many well-known game publishers involved in this subject, Peak Warships has earn quite a lot recommendation by many channels. Secondly, although Peak Warship uses war as the key subject to attract users, it also target people who like shooting and sports games, hence it has expanded its user base to cover a larger population.

Apart from that, it constantly meets the requirements of paid users. For example, it has learned from Clash Royale to has a recording function and a video center, so that players can record the game video and upload for sharing, which is a key need for paid users

2. Targeted Promotion.

a. Before Peak Warships release , the promoting activities are mainly focus on themedia exposure. In this stage, Peak Warships cooperates with mainstream media channels to enhance their market influence. What worth mention is, Peak Warships cooperates with photography apps and take-out service companies, which make it deeply integrated with peopleslife.

In this sage, they also invite famous star as spokesman. For example, SNH48, who is popular among young players is invited to be the spokesman. They even set up a warships team to attract more male players.

b. Soon after the game release, Peak Warships strategy is to increase exposureandattract more downloads i.

On the game release day , May 13, 2016. Hero Entertainment held a conference and invited SNH48 to promote their game. With more than 20 media broadcasting it online, Peak Warships has earned enough attention in the very beginning.

Soon after its release, Peak Warships participated Star App Billboard, hosted by Tencent. . This show has transformed Peak Warships from virtual game scene to real life scene. Again, with the back up of SNH48, the show is full of fun. These events have helped attracting more potential audience and made the game easily understandable for audience.

c. After the game is well accepted, the key ways to retain users is to keep updating the game with commercial speculation added.

The new version called King of the Road” is released on August 23, 2016. Onthe same day, KOL of gaming industry made their congratulatory posters, which went viral and strengthen the brand of Peak Warship。

According to SocialPeta, the world’s leading video big data analysis tool , the works mentioned above are direct advertising. Through social platform, Hero Entertainmentattracthigh-quality players and make them aware of the game. SocialPetas data shows that Peak Warships is currently published in HongKong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines. Social platform is a key channel for the games localization. In markets where video is more favored, Peak Warships ads are all video ads.

These video ads all demonstrate fierce fighting, highlight the biggest selling point of the game, which is important to attract audience.

Besides social ads, Peak Warships also leveraged influencer marketing. According to SocialPeta, here is an example in Taiwan:

3. Building business alliance with other industries online and offline.
a. Cross-industry cooperation with food delivery companies.

Peak Warships partnered with the biggest Chinese hotpot brand HaiDiLao to customize game map with hotpot theme and design exclusive food delivery packaging.

When people order food delivery from HaiDiLao, they can customize the package into the way they prefer. Players can get virtual coins of the game by scanning the two-dimension code.

b. Join hands with variety show on TV.

Hero Entertainment also partnered with Tencent and created a variety of showswhere their spokesman showcased Peak Warships. It is a new way of marketing which combines internet marketing and traditional TV marketing. It is also seen as a breakthrough of traditional channels promotion, and has proved to be effective.

In addition, it has also carried out a series of diversified, personalized marketing activities. Its participation of the 2016C-Joy Chengdu station, national military forum, and many social welfare activities, are all good examples.

The success of Peak Warships is a combination effort of high game quality, clear positioning, and comprehensive promotion including social ads and influencer marketing. With SocialPeta, you will be able to see more success stories of games.

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