Today I want to talk something about urban outfitters from the United States, UO, which is one of the few oversea online shopping sites I prefer, bringing together many fashion brands.
Take a look at the home page first, categories are clear and straightforward, and you can see the promotion & discounts at the top of front page. This is my personal preference, how do you feel about it?
If you are a new customer, click ‘sign in’ at the upper right corner, and sign up the basic info. Then you can enjoy the fun of shopping.
There are a lot of pictures for each product; it’s a great help for you to check whether it is the thing you’d like to buy. However, language issue might block away a lot of potential Chinese customers, it’s better to have a Chinese version like iHerb consider the booming oversea market in China.

After putting all favorite products into the cart, you can checkout. Fill in the shipping address:

Then choose the shipping options, Economy: $30 per order; Standard $40 per order, Standard can be faster than Economy by 2-3 days. Such a simple way to charge shipping fee means the more you buy, the less shipping cost for each item, makes you wanna buy more, right? And at Thanksgiving, black Friday or Christmas discount season, there will be free shipping on orders over $50, so don’t you worry about shipping fees here.

In addition, Duty and Tax will only be charged when customs required, will not be charged in advanced. From the author’s several shopping experience, that rarely occur.

Then comes to payment, it support credit card and PayPal. But it would be more thoughtful if they can support Alipay and WeChat Pay.

After completing payment, you can happily wait for package at home, and if you want to see the shipping progress, you can find it in order status:
Now I want to make a complain about one thing, due to the customs regulations and logistics conditions, some goods are not suitable for international transport, but there’s no clear warning on the product page, this information is hidden in ‘In-Store Availability’ folding content, you might miss it easily if you didn’t click it.
Furthermore, I can’t get why I can still add them into cart and continue the following process until the last step to submit orders, well, that’s really a waste of time.
Although it’s not perfect, the overall experience is good. From my personal point of view, the online shopping companies better able to do the following to attract more oversea fans:
Clear categories, user can easily search by category and brand
showing the pictures as much as possible angle, and overall and detail drawings, see the kind of close to the user experience, and will not makes mistakes, after all, return and exchange from a foreign is very troublesome
support for multiple payment options
logistics tracking, of course, the more detailed the better
is not suitable for sea Amoy products, you can use filters can not add to the cart or controlled
multi-language selection

So much to say, but I have to stop here. I hope more and more oversea online shopping providers could pay more attention on the Chinese market, so we can have a better experience