Today we’re excited to announce the private beta release of ZingFront’s AppsMoto. Our goal is pretty simple, just let business smarter. This release is the first, important step for us to take a run during the long and splendid journey.

AppsMoto grew out of the initial thoughts in my experiences as Chief Architect at Domob Inc. While then, the gaming and e-commerce clients manually operated their accounts and carefully calculated each penny of spending. Almost every executive has pain to hire senior buyers, every buyer has spent much of their time on adjusting their accounts based on small experiments, while almost every company has to embrace the fast-pace innovation to make sure its strength and has no patience to master the detail of everything. Under such circumstances, we needs intelligent tools to help ourself to get through mountains and achieve our goals settled.

After talking with dozens of companies with similar complaints, we started to build such tools. AppsMoto is one of the products we wish to be the must-have in your toolkits. The feature we are most excited about are:

1. a/b test engine: no need to understand the methodologies of a/b test, the engine is responsible for all details and delivers the best result.

2. conversion optimizer: after you set up the goal and pace, the system perform strictly in the runway and optimize goals based on your benefits.

3. localization: almost everyone who works in international business has to spend a lot of time on local culture, local language, local people, local elements, ….. etc. Our product has made useful innovations to solve such problems.

4. swift auto-engine controler: the joystick is the practical key to run one formula auto, as the principals do the same in the intelligent SaaS.

These are just a few of the features we’ve been working on and we’ll be sharing more and more in the near future.

We’ll start inviting folks to use AppsMoto today.