With Hot IPs, How to Make Game Promotion Really “Ascend to the Sky with Favorable Wind”?

Preface: “No IP, no content” has almost become the status quo of the content industry. Competitors fight for high-quality IP. The trinity of film-TV play-game becomes a basic package. And mobile games fight for IP most fiercely based on many … Read More

Intelligent Saas Company ZingFront will attend the 15th China Joy Conference

On July 27th, the 15th China Joy will be held in Shanghai. As one of the world’s most outstanding marketing intelligence and video cloud software provider, ZingFront will bring its leading-edge product to this ceremony. We will demonstrate our latest … Read More

Marketing intelligence tool Socialpeta launched Vungle as its new feature

By the end of this month, SocialPeta, world’s premier marketing intelligence platform, launched its new version and began to support video ads tracking on Vunglewhich helps establish a big digital map of mobile ads and related performances. According to “ 2017 Global Mobile Game Market Report” released by a Dutch market … Read More

GMGC 2017:Go-global trend of Chinese games

The sixth Global Mobile Game conference GMGC2017,the most influential event in Asia-Pacific gaming industry, was held in Beijing from March 15 to March 17. A noticeable trend is that “Go global” has become an extremely hot topic and many Chinese … Read More

Deep dive of Peak Warships’s Marketing Strategy

Gun-fighting and war games have been a popular category for a long time. Here we’ll analyze Peak Warships, the first TPS naval war game developed by Hero Entertainment. Since day 1 of the release, Peak Warships has kept breaking record. … Read More